Cyndi Pipes

I am currently seeking projects, or preferably a full time position, so keep me in mind if you need a designer who also can write, think and can be counted on to get the job done. I love social networking and I am focusing on this area of marketing at this time!

Born with a creative spirit, I was a couple of years into college (just a "few" years ago…) when I learned that I could make a living doing what was back then called "commercial art". It's been a fun ride. Armed with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design/Marketing, I set out to see where I could make my mark. I have worked at small agencies, larger corporations, and smaller upscale businesses which range from car stereo manufacturers to high end fashion. I've learned so much at each position in my career, from the business and creative ends of it. One of the most satisfying parts of my journey is the wide range of people I have met. I am very capable of working alone, or with a team, and even learned to become a very efficient manager in my latest position. Growing into a job as a manager was like gaining a family to manage, and I'm quite proud of how well I did it. 

I moved from the drawing board to the desktop digital world years ago, and I enjoy continuing to expand my knowledge and talents. I believe we can never stop learning in life. If you are looking for a graphic designer with a creative spirit and reliability, email or ring me and let's discuss the possibilities.